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Saturday, January 17th, 2004
11:37 pm - drawings
i was drawing tonite, and i decided to scan some...

reach for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars
i love that quote.
i messed up the wording so that's why it's in a weird placing!

amber has no idea

i told her to tell me something to draw and she had no idea, so that's her having no idea(s)! :). the face is a beach and winter scene....

i draw better when im super serious about it and don't use markers :).

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7:30 pm - it's snowing!
i don't know why, but something is making me miss michelle so fucking much.

it's snowing, but i just recieved that word that CT was taking our snow once again.....WHY CAN'T U LET US HAVE SOME OF OUR OWN WHITE STUFF? I HATE U....WHITE STUFF STEALERS!!

I hate weather people; they're so evil about snow here. "well kids, dont get your hopes up for a day off school tomorrow, because it wont snow...BUAHAHAA" and the next morning is "HAHA it snowed 1 cm at most so you HAVE to go to schooL!"

and then when it snows alot "we need to get these kids back in school" making new LJ friends and they are super cool. im a geek i know. :).

i feel fat!

much luv!

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Friday, January 16th, 2004
8:28 pm - peektures of mee
for all of you cool LJers who don't see me daily/live by me to know me in 'person''s a more recent picture of me...i look funny because im chewing gum; it was right befor ehomecomming i was going to pick up my date. this is in november of 2003.

t he pics of me in my icons are way old from 9th grade!

b4 homecomming//november 2003

there should be newer pictures up soon and once i get a digi cam there will be alot more andd i can be cool and take rad peeks for ppl!£

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11:29 am
Im working on a dance to a song. It's so rad. It starts out like little and theng ets really fast, it's an Usher song...annnnnd Im gonna STRIP!...Well, not really, but a costume change-Britney Style VMAs!
.........just I wont be wearing a nude costume :P.

But im SO excited about this...I hope Mrs. Hough likes it and puts it in the Variety School...everyone should come see it...and be nice and cheer for me :).

Im weary who I tell about this though b/c I told ppl about my ideas and Darren and the drama clique definately were working on the same thing after i told some people!! dont know if it was a coincidence b/c darren and I think alike and everyone thinks we're the same[im so much cooler though]....but....I dont want him doing MY concept or MY idea...but he's not edgy enough to pull that off.

Anyways, I was up til 3 working on choreography for it, i've got the basic idea AND intro to it :).

Today is my off day....and Im excited!!,

current mood: chipper

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
4:23 pm - my exams are over.
im being lazy today, therefore, my laziness has made me NOT want to go to ballet, however...this little dancin' man is GOING to ballet, and he's GOING to dance his HEART out for Kerri because...Kerri is cool!

Ive been on LJ a lot and reading peoples diaries and seeing cool people....and woah, what is up with everyone and their mother having LiveJournal's now?! HOLLAAAAA!

I need to LJ piccys b/c mine are WAY dated to like...9th grade extremo!

anyways, im going to...get offline now and chill until.............i go to ballet and dance pretty!

current mood: lazy

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
8:16 pm - orange is how my hands smell
exams can blow me.
i hate them.
ive opted to not stress/study much.
im going to go and study for ecology and german b/c ill be dead tomorrow if i dont study!
i had a nice day today.
i got a callback but didnt take it because there was a hella big fee to pay.
getting headshots soon.
my mother is a crazy woman.
too much drama in this home.
gotta get away.
need to get away before im put in a place.
my hands smell like oranges.
this is not an 'artst poem'
or is it?
no it's not.
im kinda tired.
im going to go to bed.

much luv.

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Saturday, January 10th, 2004
11:43 am - once upon a time...
there was a boy who wanted to be famous and his name was Travis!
....that's ME :-D.

Into The Woods can suck my wang.....[for those who dont know we're doing that at my school and this week was auditions/callbacks for it made me MAD]damn politics!

One of my new years resolutions was to audition more. Today I am going to a casting call for John Robert Powers. Wish me luck and pray that I dont let my nerves get to me! This will be the first audition I have out of TMC and school stuff!

I can't wait to get my headshots and stuff done!


current mood: determined

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
11:51 pm - done!
done homework.
done my research paper and it kicks ass!!
done my history project and it smells like cigars!

bombed an alg 2 test today...weird headache/ache thing all day in my neck.

tomorrow is jazz class w/new teacher...:-/.

thursday/friday=call backs

exams start tuesday. o well. :)

today in ecology half our class was on designing was SO FUNNY! Kelli made a barbie for me and named it fitting!? :-P.

OOOoOOo Kerri~someone at our school is stalking Adrienne C!!!! Kelli and I saw it on our computers...Ill fill ya in later! hehe. drinking sleepytime!

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Monday, January 5th, 2004
10:05 pm
the week after a long break is always depressing.

today was stressful.

i handed in my rough draft. tomorrow i can spend all afternoon working on that, as well as my religion timeline(50 events and descriptions of each!) and my history project!

auditions today went well. i did good, although I couldv'e done better, but no one ever gives a perfect audition...there is always room for improvement.

my ankle hurts.

i'm going up to bed to try and write some of my 7 journal entries for my history project. :/.

keep repeating...i work well underpressure...travis you make amazing work out of pressure, diamonds are made from great!

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
10:16 pm - i just ate chicken salad it was yummy
today=straight up drama.

11am - 8pm: worked on my effing english paper.
word of advice-never doa literary criticism on a transcendentalist, and never write a paper on henry david thoreau.

8pm-9:30pm: did my religion take home test, didnt do my religion exam review [it was pointless-no real questions!], did my math homework[bsed it].

tomorrow i've got....
auditions for "into the woods" oh man...pray for me!
gotta finish my paper[the rough is done; it needs to be buffed for the final.]

gotta work on my history project...oh man.

i should have done this all over break
...........but I didn't want to. who does wanna work? i jsut wanted to chill.

im about to cry that it was 65 degrees in maryland janurary...when it's supposed to be cold and snowy

where is our blizzard of 2004 which is supposed to kick our ass more than 2003's!? waiting.

good nite everyone.
i had to shave off my beard tonite since im going back to school.

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1:33 am - stressin'.
so i work well under pressure i guess.
but dummy me waited the whole 2 weeks of break to do all my assloads of homework until the last minute.

this consists of...

my research paper on henry david thoreau, which will be HELLA hard, because it's thoreau, and he's a wack dude.

my math review

my religion review and take home test

and starting my history project which is due wed.

also.....................there are auditions monday, and since they cancelled my tuesday audition-i must stay until spot 22 is call..which will be hella late. unless i can get a freshie to get my spot for me!
i was #4 to go tuesday..fucking cancelling. im so mad.

my audition song is so not prepared [your eyes-from RENT]...............i dont have music, but its not like anyone in my home has a piano or can play one.

acc a pella for me bia!


Today i went to my Aunts new house for our family christmas party, it was nice i guess except my cousins who are mine and my sis' age were just snotty and unwarm and un social with us. OH WELL...we talked to all our aunts and uncles..and even creepy lowell!!

....yesterday we had a family [shopping] trip to DC, we drove around Georgetown and went to H&M and bought cute clothes. We took Brenda along, and ate dinner at the cheesecake factory!

It was a nice day. I love the city. Im def a city boy. gonna hit the sack now...because, I wanted to begin my work at 9. let's se ehow that goes!

wish me luck and pray for me on my marathon hw day.

screw school.........

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Saturday, December 27th, 2003
2:39 am - "another day without a lover, the more i come to understand, the touch of my hand"
Christmas was nice, minus the not feeling Christmassy at ALL...that kinda sucked. Christmas came REALLY fast this year.

I need to start my research paper, as well as my assloads of homework they gave us...fucking natzi's!

I hung out with Blair and Liz the other day, it was good to see both of them, since Blair is off in Morman Land now and all.

Tonite i took Michelle to the mall, but it was 'beat' so we went to Best Buy then McDonalds to get food. They didnt have my Black Eyed Peas CD there!

Then we picked up Lauren...and drove around C-Town looking at Christmas lights...saw these pretty Cmas tree lights that I wanted to get. We had to turn around b/c I didnt want to go on a Ctown backroad...and while i was int he process of turning the car around, a big ass ambulance and police car came bustin down the road; it was not gonna stop for us, it woulda just pummled us! NOT COOL...i almost wet myself!

We had fun driving around though, I love Laurey and Michelley......too bad Celine wasnt home and Austin was gone and Ross was with talent machine dykes!

My legs hurt. "my laygs"-jacked from Mimi.
Just watched Santa Clause 2-and that kid who plays Charlie looks JUST like me when I was younger, and when I was...well my age now/9th grade esp! going to bed...soon. Goodnite. {

current mood: sore

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Sunday, December 21st, 2003
1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I live at home still and don't mind it.
02. I could cuddle for hours.
03. I hate snakes.
04. I will always be there for my friends.
05. I love food.
06. I love my life.
07. I hate random creeps that IM you.
08. I also hate people who TypE LyKe D1s (aka sticky caps).
09. I HATE confrontations.
10. Sometimes I just wanna call my friends up and talk but I wonder whether or not they're busy.
11. I love every season but especially the winter.
12. Surveys are easy.
13. I sometimes take family/friends for granted.

14. I'm in highschool; I plan on going to college but I don't know where or what I do. I really want to keep performing my whole life.
15. I've never had a real 'relationship'.
16. Girls don't like me, like that
17. My past is something I can't forget but certainly would rather not relive.
18. I don't go to church often; however I do have a strong Faith and Love for God and Jesus Christ.
19. I live for making other people happy.
20. I like my height for the most part; sometimes I wish I were a little bit taller.
21. I have no piercings, but wouldnt mind getting some; but no penis piercings-OUCH!
22. I'm pretty smart, I don't apply myself as much as I would want to [i still apply myself a lot], but I always end up succeeding.
23. I sometimes I wish I could read minds.
24. There's no point in regretting what was done since the past can't be changed.

25. When I'm around new people I am such a geek.
26. I like to write.
27. I've had my provisionals since August.
28. I rarely regret past decisions.
29. I'm not a movie buff.
30. Sometimes I listen to sad music when I'm already sad, and it makes me feel better.
31. I do not have a job; however I need one.
32. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
33. I love my mom.
34. I love my dad.
35. I am often too critical of myself.
36. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

37. I have my clumsy/ditzy moments.
38. I occasionally worry about disappointing my family.

39. My favorite color is orange.
40. I was real bored tonite; so I decided to do this.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. (especially if they cost nothing.)
42. I'm not into sports really.
43. I used to love playing video games, but then I stopped.
44. I never want to leave this Earth without accomplishing my dreams.
45. I need to apply for jobs nowwwww
46. I want to travel.
47. I wish I had a cool older brother that was really cool. My sister is my best friend, but I still have always wished for an older brother to look up to.
48. I don't have nephews or nieces.
49. I am an internet junkie.
50. I need to spend these 2 weeks getting in shape for dance.
51. I want it to snow on Christmas.
52. My sister is my best friend.
53. I'm half-way done...and I thought it'd take forever, and It taken me like no time!
54. Hot dogs love Pepsi. Pepsi loves hot dogs.
55. I don't take many pictures.
56. I love music.
57. I'd cook more if I had time. Like I always wanted to plan one night out of the week to cook for my family.
58. I love getting the butterflies feeling. You know what I mean.

59. My perfect day is to be the exact stereotype of the season we are in. ie/Fall-cool, crisp, rainy, dark, leaves on the ground aka-crappy out. Winter-cold and snowy. Summer-Sunny and Warm. Spring-That first day of Spring feeling where everything is fresh, new, and warm!
60. Sleeping is something I can't get enough of.
61. I still call ABC Family Fox Family.
62. I love being on stage and I love that nervousness before I go on; because it all just goes away once I hit the stage; and I blank out and begin performing-it's an awesome indescribable feeling! You HAVE to experience it to get the full affect!
63. Full House is one of my favorite old shows.
64. I want the Mariah Carey Christmas CD.
65. I own, and listen to many poppy music groups, and I'm proud of it!
66. I sometimes trust people too quickly, sometimes not enough. I need to achieve a balance.
67. I'm listening to sound clips from Wicked: The Musical.
68. I hate when my nose is runny.

69. I do not hate Country music!.
70. I really want to get on pointe, and even though I am frustrated with ballet, I think it is a beautiful form of dance and would love to dance it professionally, maybe not as classical, something urban and edgy, but it's beautiful.
71. Writing surveys this long drives me nuts, but I'm too bored to stop.
72. I first found out what a blow job was when I was 11...I asked my parents what it was in the car because I had heard people talking about it in Middle School....good old CMS!
73. I'm glad I dont have to wear bras!
74. My future is exciting to me; I just hope it happens!
75. I can be a huge dork sometimes.
76. I'm not pressed on finding a 'mate' anytime soon...too focused on other things.
77. I prefer hersheys over godiva. with Almonds!
78. I cried when they shot the Dolphin in 'White Squal'.
79. I'd love to get up and bust it out at a Karaoke bar; yet i'd be too nervous to...odd i know.
80. Sometimes I really cannot stand sleeping alone.
81. I love my dog Chester-he's sooo cool.
82. I am my own worst critic. -that was already there...nice job Kerri! ;)
83. I don't like the smell of dog poo.
84. I need to stop wearing that cheap-o cologne my grandma got from Wal Mart.
85. I'd like to possibly major in Physical Therapy.
86. I have the most horrible radar when it comes to whether or not someone is really interested.
87. Kerri is a good girl.
88. I'm bad with money. Sometimes I can be stingy, other times I'm not, and those are the times that I should be stingy!
89. Annapolis is my favorite place to spend my time.
90. I hate feeling lonely.
91. I hate feeling unloved/unwanted.
92. I love giving presents.
93. I worry about which school will accept me.

94. I hate math and english[at my school] insults my intelligence.
95. I still want to learn how to break, as well as tumble, and would love to pick up Tap again, and start Lyrical.
96. I like when girls playfully smack me.
97. My phone is always on incase you wanna talk.
98. I'd like to get randomly hit on.
99. I misinterpret signs and often end up being hurt because I think someone I really like is subtly hitting on me and it turns out they're just a naturally friendly person.
100. I'd like to consider myself pretty happy.{

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Saturday, December 13th, 2003
11:39 am - o christmas tree
hello...haven't written here in a while.
going to get our christmas tree today.

im gonna send out some cmas cards soon...blair are you still at the same address?

my tooth hurts. im still fucking sick. blech. o well.

im in a predicament with myself in the girl situation...its kinda funny!

damnit i want a sub right now...andrea's talking to me about subway...MMMMMM! i need food-i havent eaten today yet!
i cannot wait until christmas break-it's going to be so much fun!

current mood: hungry

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
Im leaving for New York in a little bit. I just have to wait for my Dad to finish his packing and getting readyness. I'm excited....but nervous...but excited! Woo. My stomach has been hurting the past couple days, and it still is funky i hope it gets better. I just took some medicine for it however.

current mood: anxious

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
9:54 pm - OUCH MY EAR!
My ear feels like someone is taking a knife and shoving it into my ear and twisting it around.

I just finished german homework and other homework. Now I have to study for a religion test-Oh JOY!

I'm so tired and stressed. This week needs to END! I just want to SKIP tomorrow!!! That's my most unfun dreaded day! Thursdays!

Jazz tonite was BLAH. I kept having to redo all my stuff....and I was getting pissed b/c I wasn't feelin' good and I had to redo stuff i was mad at me! grr.

I got the new PINK CD thanks to my wonderful sister! It's AMAZING..."Love Song" is my favorite song, it's so short though, but it's amazing I love it!

NYC in 6 days...more like 5 now since today is basically finished! The people at "Pretty Special Publications" [when i called 2day] were all like "OHHHH TRAVIS...yea you're taken care of!].


current mood: irritated

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Saturday, November 8th, 2003
12:18 pm - refer to my DJ for a bigger update
just updated in my DJ.

apparently, last night at the show I did not attend to-[my mom was trippin' and i didnt wanna drive in that part of annapolis.] some girl went up to Dennis and was like "OMG ARE YOU TRAVIS?!" I wonder who it was! Stalker Much? ;-) just super famous!..........THanks for Erica for the Innocent Bystander Witness.

Im going to go shopping with Erica and help her pick out shoes! To Fill the Void in Her Heart!

current mood: bored

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Saturday, November 1st, 2003
we won our football game! yay bethany is the princess! i love her-she's such a great friend! like seriously, she makes me want to be a better person b/c she's sooo nice! her and tom-the german kid...WOLF! that's grreat! "Du tanzst gern?;-)" hehe.

im taking Gwynne...i hope. I showed up to her 'party' last night for like 15 was weird, i didnt know nayone, ryan was there and talked to me for a little bit and then hew ent to find some girl..i met his brother. hes nice. ryan's tanning bed def. worked! anyways, i saw gwynne-talked to her bout HC so she is going with me-she has some film festival to go to today...which hopefully won't be too long.....she's calling me today to see whats up! i hope she can make it in enough time! YAY!

omg...this weird-they were playing the aqua cd and it was a buncha SP kids dancing to aqua...they looked at me funny bc i wasn't in costume.......and bc they didnt know who the fuck i was. lol.

17 more days until NYC! im sooo excited like whoa! im invited to a private showcase for uc3! my dad and I are going. he all wants to go in one day, im all like 'lets stay for 2!' so i can chill with them :-D i need to talk to kristy bout that. peace

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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003
10:33 pm - my body aches
why can't i be more open and outgoing and think less about stupid things and concentrate....can't i just be comfortable!? God Help Me!

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Friday, October 17th, 2003
11:22 pm - wooo
wooo..interesting night!

summary: i got lost like woah in the backroad of millersville/gambrills/crownsville=NOT FUN...i was scared! And i got honked at, and pulled into a parking lot with a shady car and shady characters and some random # kept calling my cell phoen not saying anything and it was just all freaky and it was dark and rainy!

but i finally made it to juliane's house to visit my college girls [i miss them :( *sniff*] after i went to the mall to vent to allie! then i went back to the mal to pick allie up [she didnt wanna drive to work today so i was the nice younger brother].

hmmm oh yeah im updating this now because of Keri! she's my new livejournal friend/dancer buddy.
holla keri! :)

this week was good, got a 100% on my eco test, jazz was okay, pop n lock and ballet were okay, i feel accomplished each week more and more! i felt really tired this week though. i need a homecomming date soon. im hanging out with sophia tomorrow i hope!

i lost my hat i made :(

my mom was touching up some spots in my room bc she thought i needed to fix the paint job...and she used the wrong color...but it looks cool, tomorrow we're gonna do more of the wrong color around it so it looks industrial and fierce like graffitti! yay!

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